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Our Management Team

President- Mike Long

Gaining experience over 18 years in a variety of roles in the aerial construction industry, Mike has been the President of Figure 8 Communications since the company has opened in 2013. With former groundsman, lineman, and foreman experience, Mike brings superior experience in the aerial construction industry. With his role as President, Mike oversees all operations of his company. As a primary goal of his company, Mike has set high standards for Figure 8 Communications in providing superior customer service.

Vice-President- Brian Gunsallus

Enjoying six years of experience in aerial construction, Brian has been involved with Figure 8 Communications since the company has opened in 2013. Brian has worked in all aspects of aerial construction; whether it was his journey starting as a groundsman and working his way up to Vice-President or his experience in negotiation and accounting. Brian’s main goal for Figure 8 Communications is to progress the company into the top line construction service provider in the area and be at the forefront of all industry opportunities. 

Secretary/Treasurer- Douglas Gunsallus

Spending over 39 years in a manufacturing environment, Doug has utilized skills in cost management and procurement throughout his career. Doug also enjoyed time as a cost analyst, which included determining production costs for customer quotations. As the current Secretary/Treasurer of Figure 8 Communications Inc., Doug has been tasked of implementing start up plans as well as monitoring operations of the company.

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